August 30, 2013

Little girl, all grown up.

This summer my baby sister turned 18.
And on Sunday she is moving in to her university dorm room.
(Can we just hit PAUSE for a second here?!)

It seems like just yesterday we were this small, using step stools to see over the counter:

Anyway, today I'm spending this special day with my little sis. But first, a little walk down memory lane...

Picnics on the front lawn. Baking with mom. Reading upside down in the easy chairs in the living room. Brewing a spell in the "witches cauldron" out back. Splashing in the kiddie pool. Snow ball fights, ice skating, snow fort building, and snowman making. Training the dog. Catching caterpillars. Trying to teach her computer basics. Playing hide and seek with a chocolate dollar and losing it in a fern in the garden.

Sharing tents, books, genes, beds, and hearts.

Every time I come home, from school at Western or from faraway in France, we spend about 24 hours all lovey dovey... then the fighting starts about who's turn it is in the bathroom, or who sprayed perfume all over the hall, or did you take my favourite tank top from the wash? I cannot count the number of times we've fought. But... we always know it's not serious.

The times we've said "I love you," killed each other with laughter, or spent an evening laying in bed together are way more frequent than any number of fights. She always makes me the most special memory/photo books. She borrows the best books from the library and lets me steal them. She never judges me for being boring, nerdy, anxious, or weird. In fact, she usually joins in.

There's nothing like a sister. And because I'm failing miserably at articulating this, a few words from one of my favourite authors, Sarah Dessen:

"Some things don't have to be said. Some things, between sisters, are just understood."

I seriously cannot imagine life without you babe :-)
Good luck on this crazy new adventure!




  1. Little sisters are so special! Mine is four years younger than me and we're now living furhter apart than we ever have before. Thank goodness for Skype!! o)

  2. I have two siblings in college and one in her senior year of high school--it's a crazy thing to think about!

  3. This is a lovely post! I have a younger sister too and know exactly how you feel :) It's so weird thinking about them growing up though!

    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  4. Aw, happy birthday. I always wished I had a sister.


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